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Candlewick Collection

Candlewick Collection


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Candlewicking is an embroidery technique where a combination of knots and backstitches were applied to white or cream colored calico or canvas. The name originated in the American West, where women who were unable to get embroidery threads, used the thread intended for candle wicks to do their embroidery.

  • This is the full collection of 12 Candlewick Blocks, plus 3 additional matching quilting designs.
  • We have added a lovely thick chain stitch, with candlewick knots and backstitch to create these designs.
  • These Candlewick designs are very versatile and can be used as embroidery on lots of items.
  • T hey would be lovely on clothing, table linen, bed runners, quilts and bags.
  • The designs are provided in 3 sizes:
    • 8″ (200mm),
    • 6″ (150mm),
    • 5.5″ (140mm)