Combining and Masking Designs in Embird

How to combine designs in Embird and use the MASK feature to remove the overlaps

Splitting for the Janome Gigahoop

Learn how to split a design for the Janome Gigahoop

Calibrating your screen in Embird

How to calibrate your screen in Embird, so that you can print accurate templates

Printing Templates in Embird

Printing templates in Embird, both in Manager and Editor.
Printing multiple templates on one sheet of paper.

Calibrating the Screen and Printing Templates in 4D

Open a design in 4D, calibrate the screen and print accurate templates

Calibrating your screen in Artista Software

How to calibrate your screen in the Bernina Artista software

Calibrating your screen in Brother software

How to calibrate your screen int he Brother Embroidery Software, PE-Next

Creating a Quilt Block in Pfaff 4D

Learn how to create a quilt block using the Encore function in Pfaff software